Transaction Systems and Cardlink automate the in-store payments process using PAX Technology SK800 Android Kiosks in one of the largest mobile operators in Greece

More than one million self-service payments were realized without customers’ queuing at cash registers

The Challenge

The largest mobile operator in Greece runs a large network of stores, visited by thousands of customers daily who want to access telco products and services. Maintaining low queues at the store’s cash registers, as well as the gradual training of customers in the digital services offered, was a top priority for the operator; on one hand, they could maintain excellent in-store customer satisfaction, and on the other hand, it enabled store employees to make better use of their time, and offer premium quality customer services.

The idea was that some transactions should be excluded from the cash registers.  These were the transactions that did not necessarily require customers’ interaction with store employees and should be offered to customers in a self-service mode, without the interference of store staff, in specially designated areas near the store entrance and away from the customer service desks. At the same time, this mode of store operation serves an additional requirement, in line with the current pandemic precautions: that of ensuring social distancing within the stores.

The Solution

Cardlink in cooperation with PAX Technology and its partners in Greece, Novidea & Transaction Systems, designed a solution that would meet the particular requirements mentioned above. The solution was the PAX SK800 Android kiosk, a specially designed kiosk, which can either be placed on a special base on the floor or mounted on a wall. Customers select the service they want (i.e. bill payments, top-up, user program purchases) and as if they were using an ATM, they would pay with their card (either by inserting the card or contactless). The PAX SK800 self-service kiosk is powered by PAX Paydroid OS and is equipped with a hybrid card reader and durable PIN pad. With a built-in camera and thermal printer, it is one of the fastest kiosks in the market, enabling 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet connectivity.

The Implementation

In the last couple of months, two hundred PAX SK800 Android kiosks have already been installed in an equal number of stores, while the number of transactions has already exceeded one million, at a lower cost and at a higher speed than the traditional cash register. The use of the kiosk is very simple and its menu is user-friendly, so anyone can use it without help. In addition to the above features, using a central content management system, the operator has the ability to display promotional messages and news via videos and photos.

The Benefits

  • Improved speed of service: Customer service without queues and delays
  • Cost reduction and increase of productivity: Service automation. Store staff can now be employed in more productive activities and services.
  • Innovative brand image: The kiosk is an original, state-of-the-art technology device with an easy-to-use interface

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