The first-ever robotic cashless micro-market retail store opens in Athens

In partnership with Cardlink, Novidea & Transaction Systems, the cashless store’s vending machines come equipped with PAX Technology’s IM30 Unattended POS terminals

The first robotic cashless micro-market retail store in Athens is now a reality thanks to the innovative solutions for easy and secure payments at vending machines offered by Cardlink in cooperation with Novidea & Transaction Systems, distributors of PAX Technology solutions in Greece and Central and Southeast Europe respectively.

The first physi-digital store in Athens has been operating 24/7/365, using technologically advanced robotic vending machines since July 2022, making it the first ever robotic cashless micro-market retail store worldwide! The minimarket operates without any personnel. Using robotics and IoT (Internet of Things), i-mall Micro Market stands out for its advanced technology and fully robotic systems.  Products are bought through various vending machines and all transactions are done electronically. Customers are also able to make purchases from home through an app and then pick them up from an automatic locker.

Having incorporated all the latest technologies that save time for users and costs for entrepreneurs, the i-mall MicroMarket offers at the same time a unique experience to the consumer. This improved customer journey is also a differentiation point for i-mall MicroMarket in relation to the rest of the classic small retail stores. The guide to designing the store was the result of primary research conducted by DK Marketing whose valuable findings showed that the physi-digital experience can offer the greatest possible satisfaction to consumers by connecting the digital with the analog-physical world.

The payment system in the store is using PAX Technology’s IM30, a new generation of unattended POS in the stores’ vending machines for card, wallet, or wearables transactions. Equipped with a large touch screen and 4G connectivity, the IM30 POS is designed to increase sales, implement security, and be impervious to environmental damage, offering an easy-to-use and fast transaction environment.

View the store opening video here

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