As digital technologies change how people live and work, financial services firms need to choose how they will adapt to the changing banking ecosystem. To stay competitive in their existing core businesses, in an era of disruption, financial services organizations will need to invest in digital transformation much more deeply than they have previously, to realize significant cost reductions.

Enabling banking organizations to respond swiftly to new challenges, Transaction Systems has evolved beyond its core business of payments enabler, to provide solutions for the financial services sector that allow them to remain competitive in today’s digital world, keep pace with evolving customer demands, new technologies, changing regulatory environments and increased market competition.

Properly positioned for providing payment solutions, Transaction Systems helps financial organizations in their efforts to deploy new digital operations and processes, so that they can compete successfully, based on the expectations that have been set by all of the other digital brands.

In this context, Transaction Systems introduces the concept of Phygital Banking: a bank branch that combines physical with digital, the first step to a unique customer experience and the digitalization of transactional processes cash or cashless alike such as customer onboarding, cash transactions, bill payments, card and loan applications, etc, provided on a 24/7 basis.



Although reports state the global proliferation of payment cards, yet, in many European markets, cash remains the undisputable king. In the Retail industry, cash handling is of paramount importance especially now, when competition and the need for differentiation through customer experience has considerably increased.

Following a successful period of growth and innovation in the payments sector, Transaction Systems is currently reinforcing its position in the region and expanding its solution portfolio to include retail automation solutions, that mainly enable Retail Organizations optimize operations, while providing continued innovation and surpassing customer expectations.

Properly positioned for providing payment solutions, Transaction systems helps Retailers automate their cash handling and cash transaction operations, to improve efficiency and security, help prevent fraud, theft and breaches, while at the same time provide convenience to Retailers and their customers.