PAX Technology Ltd.

PAX Technology Ltd (“PAX”) founded in 2001, is an innovative global provider of electronic payment solutions offering world-class, cost effective and superior quality payment solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio of PCI and EMV compliant electronic fund transfer point-of-sale (EFT-POS) terminals include various models within each of the key segments of Countertop, Mobile and Wireless, Multilane Retail and Contactless / NFC.

PAX has consistently been the top-ranking supplier of POS terminal solutions to acquiring banks in China, while evolving in the last couple of years into a major global player, winning substantial market share in international markets with innovative products that are fully compliant with international standards. Building on its service excellence and proven leadership position in Asia, PAX is considered one of the fastest growing payment solution providers with world-class manufacturing and RD capabilities and a growing sales and channel partner network across the globe.

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