GRG Banking

GRG Banking (GRG) is a leading provider of currency recognition and cash procession solutions. From the very beginning, GRG has been specializing in ATM manufacturing and is now well-known as a solution provider with innovative financial self-service products, software and services.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, GRG is the no.1 ATM supplier in China and top 3 in the world. GRG’s products and solutions are widely used over 80 countries and regions worldwide with over 240,000 machines installed. GRG’s comprehensive solutions have been widely used in Finance, Telecom, CIT and Retail sectors. GRG has set up branch offices or subsidiaries in different areas, including USA, Germany, Singapore, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Ecuador, Vietnam, etc. Over 20,000 GRG employees throughout the world are working together with our global partners in different countries to provide the best service.

To respond to various individual requirements from both customers and the market, GRG dedicates to continuous technology innovation, reliable performance and professional services to differentiate clients as the trend makers. The product and services portfolio of GRG covers financial self-service terminals, sorting solutions, cash and check processing modules, software solutions together with technical support and services.


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