Fraud Scoring Platform

A future proof high performance solution for real-time Fraud Detection and Blocking designed for Card Not Present environments, it is a comprehensive solution for issuers that want to provide Risk Based Authentication during 3-D secure to reduce cardholder abandonment rates and increase cardholder loyalty to the offered service; as well as acquirers, processors and retailers that are processing ecommerce transactions and want to secure their business from external fraud and risks. The score indicates the likelihood that the transaction contained in the authorization request is fraudulent or high-risk.


Easy integration with merchant, issuer, and acquirer platforms
Simplified operation model with no requirement for artificial intelligence engines that require vendor to configure and maintain
Enhanced profitability and benefit from a low cost of ownership
Reduced fraud risk
Grow and strengthen acquiring business
Maintain market share and acquire new customers
Develop new revenue streams and increase offered services
Improve cardholder experience during checkouts leading to a more frictionless payment
Reduce attrition at the moment of purchase
Increase customer loyalty to the offered service

3D Secure Access Control

Virtual Token Authenticator Platform