E-Commerce Platform

A sophisticated Payment Gateway for Card-not-Present transaction processing and management; simplifying the way that cardholders and merchants are integrating during the payment process, without compromising security.

In a world of digitalization, it is all about consumer satisfaction and seamless customer experience at all points of interaction. VPOS constitutes a complete solution that enables Acquirers, Processors, PSPs, Retailers to process e-commerce transactions utilizing different payment options and methods, in a multicurrency environment, with advanced security and performance.


By implementing the VPOS solution, acquirers and processors have multiple benefits such as:

Control budgets, enhance profitability and benefit from a low cost of ownership
Less certification, compliance and processing costs in case solution is hosted by the Solution Provider
Grow and strengthen acquiring business
Maintain market share and acquire new customers
Develop new revenue streams and increase offered services
Improve cardholder experience during checkouts leading to a more frictionless payment
Reduce attrition at the moment of purchase
Increase customer loyalty to the offered service

For banks the benefits span different departments such as the Cards division, the New Channels department, the Risk Management department, Compliance and Marketing teams alike.

PA-DSS certified software – PCI-DSS certified Hosted infrastructure
Secure and reliable real-time transaction processing
Easy report generation, payment settlements
Enables multiple-currency payments
Customized gateway as per the payment process requirements of individual entities.
Integrates with other channels such as website, Call Center, Mobile Devices and Batch processing.
Protects merchants or corporations from any misuse or fraud attempts.


3D Secure Access Control