Compass Plus

Compass Plus is a mid-size high-tech company holding three complementary business competences within its scope: OLTP software development for retail banking systems and electronic payments, a processing operation (Processing Centre certified with VISA and MasterCard Europe) and EFT-related business and technology consulting. The company was established in 1989 as a successor to a large R&D institute dating back to 1956, first as an industrial automation center and then as a general information technology research laboratory.

Historically, a core competence of Compass Plus lies in the development and implementation of object-oriented technologies and tools for building, debugging and maintaining large-scale automated systems. Leveraging this expertise today, Compass Plus is committed to providing refined state-of-the-art products and flexible business solutions that drive all-scale multi-component EFT systems employed in the financial and retail industries, mobile and electronic commerce, interactive self-service business and in other trade areas that engage in electronic payments. In-house developed superior EFT product family – TranzWare™ – incorporates a comprehensive range of integrated customisable products and is fit to suit an array of customer needs. TranzWare™ solutions are capable of reducing clients’ total cost of ownership, improving ROI, increasing efficiency and delivering great benefits to end customers.

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