Teller Cash Recyclers

As modern bank branches continue to improve, efficiency, automation and recycling technology are in high demand. In order to prevent spending countless hours manually counting large amounts of cash. you can provide high processing speed and multi-denomination support capabilities to your customers with GRGBanking’s TCR71.


  • Streamlined cash deposit procedures: counting, authentication sorting & safekeeping
  • Reduced cash handling costs
  • Increased security, reduced theft
  • Improved cash inventory management
  • Reduced human error and counterfeit fraud



Serial Number Tracking

Keep records of all bank notes down to the serial number to expedite any investigations or disputes.

Multi-Denomination Support

Support up to 8 denominations for instant currency exchange giving your customer a better experience.

Dual-Operator Use

Service up to 2 customers at a time. The TCR71 is designed for 2 tellers to use simultaneously.

Fast Processing

Transfer the risk of miscounting cash to our recycler. Easily have the customer confirm the total amount to avoid any disputes.


Watch the product video here

Virtual Teller Machine (VTM)

Remote Teller Station (RTS)