A polished and ergonomic cash dispenser that offers high performance with ultra-low investment. The i21 is not only a super-compact facility that perfectly fits in retail environments, but also a reliable ATM to comply with banking level requirements, including security features such as EMV, PCI EPP, UL, 3DES, ADA, etc.

Wide value-added service extension and high visibility also make the i21 an ideal choice for IAD venues.


  • Bulk dispensing or recycling of cash
  • Operational efficiencies and reduced workload of tellers
  • Increased productivity while optimizing branch network costs
  • Relief pressure during high peak days and hours
  • Reduced operation costs and human errors
  • Increased customer loyalty from additional banking services provided
  • Increased profitability
  • Cash flow efficiency
  • Reduced employee or customer theft and enhanced security


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H68V & H68VL