Intelligent Bank Note Sorting Machine

GRG CM series is comprised of high-performance banknote sorting machines with cutting-edge banknote detection technology to improve cash processing speed and accuracy. By utilizing CIS (Contact Image Sensor) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, image of both sides as well as serial number of the banknote can be captured and recorded.

The intelligent operating system ensures the system’s scalability and 7-inch large LCD touch screen enhances user experience. Extendable configuration based on main cash sorting unit applies to various cash processing scenarios in cash center and branch back office.

Based on GRGBanking’s 20 years’ experience in currency recognition and cash processing industry, the CM400 is a 4-stackers sorting machine, with high processing speed of 720 notes/minute for sorting and 1,000 notes/minute for counting, providing reliable and efficient cash sorting service in the cash center.